MirixaPro℠ Platform

Mirixa's industry-leading platform, MirixaPro, positions the pharmacist as a medication expert and health care professional focused on identifying, assessing, and resolving medication-related problems. MirixaPro, is expressly designed to complement the everyday realities of clinical workflow, and it guides and supports pharmacists in identifying, resolving, documenting, and communicating medication therapy issues to patients and prescribers. 

The MirixaPro platform supports a full range of clinical services. These include systematic, standardized Comprehensive Medication Reviews, as well as targeted interventions focusing on adherence and other quality measures, formulary alignment, and disease management. The platform displays relevant information and required tasks for the pharmacist associated with the specific service while providing a consistent user experience. The MirixaPro platform integrates with many dispensing systems, which allows pharmacies to easily identify patients who qualify for program counseling.

System Requirements for the MirixaPro Platform

The MirixaPro platform is a web-based application with the following technical requirements:

  • High-speed connection to the Internet (DSL, Fiber, or Cable)
  • The most current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome Internet browsers
    • Apple Safari is supported for the iPad only
  • Browser enabled to allow pop-ups from
  • Adobe Reader, to view and print PDF files
  • Microsoft Word or compatible program to view and edit documents such as the Physician Summary Letter
  • Connection to an appropriately secured printer, to print patient handouts such as the Personal Medication List & Medication Action Plan

New MTM Providers

If your pharmacy is currently contracted with Mirixa and you need a user account, please call Network Support at (866) 218-6649. Note that most large chain pharmacies manage their user accounts internally. If you work for such an organization, please contact your MTM Administrator for instructions on how to access the MirixaPro platform.

    Network Support

    A dedicated support team is provided for the retail pharmacy network. Please do not use email to request/update your login credentials or for anything involving protected health information (PHI). Instead, call our help desk. For year-end information and steps to get set up with OutcomesMTM for 2020, go here

    Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT (excluding holidays)

    Emails will receive a response within 3 business days. For more urgent assistance, please call us.