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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)


Mirixa offers MTM programs that encompass both Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) and Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs). Our Medicare MTM programs are designed to comply with CMS requirements for Medicare Part D plans, including the identification of Drug Therapy Problems (DPT), when present. Our solutions deliver the Personal Medication List and Medication Action Plan in the CMS standardized format, and ensure ongoing review of Drug Therapy Problems through quarterly performance of TMRs.

Mirixa's standard MTM programs address all the Part D medication-related Patient Safety measures as well as many elements that can improve Part C measures, display measures, or HEDIS scores. Mirixa's MTM CMR is consistent with the Core Elements of the MTM model developed by APhA and NACDS.

Targeted Quality Intervention

Mirixa offers a Targeted Quality Intervention solution for patients who do not qualify for MTM service but who appear to have drug therapy problems based on prescription claims analysis. For such patients, pharmacist intervention could resolve drug therapy problems, improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, and/or reduce health care costs.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

The Targeted Quality Intervention solution may be combined with an MTM program to address a wide range of patients with the right service for each. Above is an example of a Medicaid product solution which leverages a combination of Medication Therapy Management (MTMP) and Targeted Quality Interventions.

Mirixa can analyze prescription drug claims to identify potential drug therapy problems to optimize safety and quality, in support of the following Medicaid Plan HEDIS quality measures:

  • Medication Management for People with Asthma
  • Asthma Medication Ratio
  • Statin Therapy and Diabetes
  • Antidepressant Medication Management
  • Antipsychotic Medication in Schizophrenia
  • Diabetes Care (blood sugar / A1c controlled)

Star Ratings

MirixaPro℠ supports successful pharmacist intervention to help improve patient safety, encourage quality care, and raise patient satisfaction – positively influencing CMS Five-Star Ratings.

Mirixa’s Star Ratings solutions target Medicare Part D drug safety measures as well as many Part C measures. Mirixa or clients identify health plan members most in need of quality of care improvements impacting specific Star Ratings measures and the Mirixa network of pharmacies engages these members to educate, influence, and promote behavioral changes needed to positively influence measures and optimize health outcomes.


Mirixa helps pharmacists empower patients to achieve greater success managing chronic conditions by encouraging adherence to their prescribed medication regimens through pharmacist intervention and coaching. Mirixa's proprietary algorithm identifies adherence issues for pharmacists at the optimal time for intervention to maximize value and adherence outcomes. The MirixaPro platform guides the pharmacist through a meaningful patient encounter capturing rich data and supporting individualized patient interventions based on causes for non-adherence. 

Formulary Alignment

Solutions designed to improve formulary alignment allow pharmacists to counsel patients on opportunities to replace drugs in their current regimens with generic or preferred medications based on a client's formulary. This provides medication cost savings for both patients and payers, and positively impacts adherence in situations where medication costs are an issue.

Disease Specific Medication Management

Mirixa's Disease Management solutions improve patients' knowledge of their conditions including diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. This increases patients' adherence to their medication regimens, and improves patients' ability to self-manage and monitor their chronic conditions. Strengthening control of chronic conditions can significantly impact long-term wellness and deliver significant cost savings.

30 to 90-Day Switch

The 30 to 90-Day Switch solution is designed to enhance medication adherence by helping patients switch a 30-day supply of their medications to a 90-day supply.


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